About us

All-Californian Oratory Resource Network is a grassroots organization of Native Californian heritage language speakers and volunteer linguists. Our team hails from mostly northern Californian tribes, from Mutsun Ohlone to Winnemem Wintu of Mt. Shasta, and many places in between. Our mission is to support Native Californian language revitalization by providing both online and real-life domains that facilitate multilingual Native Californian language education. 

acorn.wiki is our website with various services. Beyond the main website, we have our own Wikipedia Californiana, an online store, and a collection of audiodictionaries maintained by speakers themselves and their language community.

The latter section is powered by Mahara. Mahara is a student-based electronic portfolio system combined with social media. That means that you as a user have rights to upload your own content (or content already available in public domain) and share it with everyone, no one, or any combination in between. 


Four Pillars of acorn.wiki

acorn.wiki functions on four pillars:

1. Protocol.

As an organization dedicated to Native Californian language revitalization, protocol is the most important pillar of acorn.wiki.

All language communities involved with acorn.wiki have undergone a series of consultations to assure that acorn.wiki's services fit their unique situations. Administrators must adhere to the guidelines set by the language community representatives. 

Just as the acorn.wiki team have a responsibility to follow protocol with each community it serves, we ask users of acorn.wiki to respectfully follow protocol as well. As stewards of cultural knowledge, we respectfully ask users to be critical of the information they choose to share in Mahara and in Wikipedia Californiana, and to be especially conscious of the privacy settings of the content they choose to upload.

2. Privacy.

The entire Mahara section is private only to acorn.wiki registered users. As a team of mostly federally non-recognized tribes and their volunteer linguists, we understand the delicate nature of dormant and at-risk languages. For this reason, we take security of cultural knowledge seriously. 

Each language community and individual user has full control of accessibility to their uploaded content. Acorn.wiki does not provide any content or data to any third party institution without explicit authorization by the language community.

Because we are in our first stage of development, registration is currently closed. Once we reach the second stage of development, registration will be open to members of each of the participating language communities. Updates to be expected Spring 2018.

3. Rights.

Each user has full rights over the content uploaded onto their personal ePortfolio, unless proper credit is given to the original author/creator. Any user or non-user found distributing or selling any content without the author/creator's authorization is subject to copyright law. 

Each language community has cultural and intellectual rights over all content uploaded into their Mahara Institution. Details on these rights are subject to each language community. This means that any person outside of the language community found distributing or selling any protected content without the community's authorization is subject to copyright law (in this case, content does not include previously published materials). 

4. Empowerment. 

Acorn.wiki is a tool to empower language speakers, learners, and the languages themselves.

All speakers are encouraged to share their voices and words- no dialect or family's pronunciation is 'more correct' than another!

We train and encourage speakers to document their own language, create their own learning materials, and re-construct their language as a community. We also provide recording devices to participating speakers, and resources for learners to understand basic Linguistics theory.

Beyond the computer screen, our goal is to facilitate multilingual workshops to build bridges across language boundaries.