In The Speaker's Hands

Empowering heritage speakers of Native Californian languages is a pillar of That’s why the mission of our most important project is just that: to put language documentation into the hands of the speakers.

We are raising funds to buy new iPod Touches for each of the board members in order to not only record their own voices, but to also have the ability to take photos and create videos in an effort to document language within various contexts.

Each speaker (and participating family members) will be trained on how to properly document their own language, as well as how to edit and upload original content such as stories and informational videos.

This project will give at least 5 different Native Californian language communities a chance to build entire libraries of original content for a new generation of learners and speakers.

We hope to equip all board members with iPod Touches by the end of Spring 2018.

Paid volunteer opportunity! If you have experience documenting languages and would like to train others, please click here.

Our current funding progress:

Wikipedia Californiana

We are currently assembling a team of knowledgable Native Californian writers and other experts on Native Californian history, anthropology, linguistics and ecology to join our Wikipedia section dedicated to Native Californian history, culture, knowledge, present and future.

If you (or anyone you know) are interested in being a part of this project, please reach out to us by filling out the form here.

We expect to complete the first phase of this project by Summer 2018.

Multilingual Workshops

Although is dedicated to providing a secure, online domain where speakers of all Native Californian languages can come together and share knowledge and experiences, we are rooted in creating educational opportunities in the real world. Multilingual Workshops are on-going, year-round events centered on cultural aspects such as health, food, and ecological knowledge combined with native language education.

Our funding progress for the year of 2018:

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